TL;DR: Helge is an awesome developer, a respected software development manager and a successful entrepreneur (you can tell he has a healthy self-esteem as well). 25+ years of experience.
Some (including himself) claim that he is almost always sometimes right. Available for projects that match (Swift()/[Objective C]).

Today: I'm running a company - ZeeZide - developing and maintaining a set of products, including, a native macOS client for the Slack service. I'm doing freelance projects mostly revolving around Swift, with a preference for macOS, iPad and server. There is a long list of OpenSource projects I've originated over the years, most of which you can find on my GitHub page.
If you got some interesting project that might match, feel free to contact me.

From Jan 2010 to Nov 2013 I was working for Apple. Doing magical secret projects I'm not allowed to talk about. Evar. Well, I was working on the iCloud Windows client for Microsoft Outlook and on the bookmark syncing extensions (Chrome, FF, IE). That part is not a big secret ;->

2015: I've incorporated ZeeZide, a software development and consulting company located in Magdeburg, Germany. Working on a set of products, also available for projects which match.