Welcome to Helge Heß' website!

This website contains information about the projects I work on, the projects I've done in the past, and other things you may or may not find interesting. It is about the software guy grown up and working in Magdeburg, Germany.

Projects: Contains information about projects and software I'm currently working on and projects I've done in the past 20? years.

Events: Find out about conferences, fairs and meetings I'm going to join as a speaker or participant. Also contains pictures of past events.

Articles: I've written a few, very short articles / howto's on SOPE and OpenGroupware.org. You can find the links on the articles page.

About: Information on Helge Heß, the person who is almost always right. Learn about me and my family.

Contact: Mail, Chat, Phone, Address, RL.

Blog: You'll find my blog here. Well, once I start to write one. Wait, I do! Let me know if you are genuinely interested ;-) Stopped writing one. :-)